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Hello, I'm Dan Kelly and I'm an illustrator from Liverpool, United Kingdom


Raised on a diet of pizza, pop-punk, cult movies and cartoons, I've grown up surrounded by pop-culture, tattoos and skateboard culture; these are the places I find most of my inspiration.


I draw my inspiration from these areas because I love to create bold, illustrative, iconographic images with narrative that combine the bold linework of old school tattoos, the bright colours of skateboard graphics and pulls on the iconography we see displayed in movies and their artwork.

Over the last couple of years I have created designs for apparel, skate decks, album artwork and more; I even had the opportunity to design merchandise for the independent movie Fried Barry as well having designs officially licenced by Adult Swim

Clients include:

- The Department Of Special Projects (South Africa)
- Unwonted Apparel
- Pariah Skateboards

 - Final Boss

- Altar Skate Shop

If you want to get in touch regarding work, commissions, collaborations, art for sale or absolutely anything else then feel free to drop me a line on the address below

Media enquiries are also more than welcome and I am happy to be featured in blogs, magazines and even on podcasts

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